Ian Dodd

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Ian DoddBorn in the Llynfi valley in South Wales and studied in Maesteg Grammar School, before entering a sponsored student apprenticeship with Ford Motor Company to study mechanical and production engineering in London.

He later returned to South Wales to study electrical engineering and joined a small team of engineers to build and commission a major car and truck component factory before working at many other Ford of Europe locations.

In the seventies Ian left the motor industry to work in the oil construction sectors and travelled to many of the countries associated with the development and construction of the North Sea oil platforms and finally settling in Glasgow in the eighties to create a stable environment for his children to secure their secondary school education.

After spending a number of years overseeing the construction of a major drilling rig in the Glasgow ship yards he later went on to work in the Banking sector where he met Billy Allan and later joined E.J. Stiell as part of the team that helped its rapid growth and transformation prior to the sale to Alfred McAlpine in 2003.

He continued to work in the corporate property area of Alfred McAlpine until 2008 when at the ripe old age of sixty he decide to retire and spend some time travelling.

During his retirement Ian continued as Chairman of the Centre for Engineering Education and Design (CeeD) until 2010 when he was asked to join the back office team at PTFC.

Ian is married to Gillian with two grown up children, Christian and Ceri and currently one grandchild, Emma, but expects more in the not too distant future.

Leisure activities include the mandatory retirement sport of golf together with as much exotic travel as is possible.

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