McCrea Financial Services' Player of the Month

Player of the Month is back and supported for a fourth successive year by McCrea Financial Services.

As in previous years, whilst they are sponsoring the monthly and annual awards, the power to decide on the winning player will be given to the fans to decide who wins it.

Every month gaffer Alan Archibald and his assistant Scott Paterson will nominate five first team players for the accolade but the ultimate decision will be yours.

As with previous years, all you have to do is visit and visit the Player of the Month page to register your vote.

As well as deciding on your winner, McCrea Financial Services will be running competitions for tickets, signed merchandise and chances to meet the players and present their award during the course of this season.

As manager Alan Archibald explains, the award is always a hard fought for prize.

 He said: "The monthly award is always popular no matter which club you go to. All the boys push each other to try and win it and there are always bragging rights available for whoever ends up going home with the trophy. Competition is always great in the dressing room and it’s brilliant recognition for whoever wins it at the end of the voting.

 “The fact that this award is voted for by the fans makes it a little bit extra special too. Getting recognition from those who pay to see you play every week always gives the guys an extra boost.

 "As always, we're really grateful to Douglas and McCrea Financial Services for their support of the club both on and off the park."

At the end of the season there will be an overall vote for Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year - so there's a lot at stake.

Douglas McCrea, Managing Director of McCrea Financial Services as well as being a long term Jags supporter and sponsor, added: "We're delighted to be continuing our sponsorship of the Player of the Month and Year awards.

“We are very pleased to be continuing our sponsorship of these important monthly awards both as recognition for the players who have performed well and because it is being decided by the club supporters”.

“McCrea Financial Services recognise the value sport brings to many peoples’ lives both as a participant and as a spectator and we are keen to continue to support sport in Glasgow and the West of Scotland at all levels and are particularly proud of our association with Thistle”.

For information about the type of help and advice McCrea Financial Services provides, you can visit them at their website and follow them for competitions and events on twitter at

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