Young Supporter Packages

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With the start of a new league season, a season that we feel promises plenty in the way of excitement, we are pleased to announce that the Club have relaunched our Young Supporter Packages.

Partick Thistle Football Club are the only professional football club in the whole of the United Kingdom that gives FREE entry to under 16s for all league fixtures. This is something that we, as a Club, take a great deal of pride in. It is with our young supporters that the future of our Club lies.


With that very much in mind our new packages for our younger supporters now match their admission fees and are completely FREE.

The packages cover two separate age groups. The ‘Thistle Futures’, which caters for fan up to the age of 12, and the ‘Thistle Ultras’ which is aimed at 12-16 year olds.

The benefits in joining either of these two groups are as follows:

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