Centenary Fund March 2009 Draw

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£250    - Forbes Crawford              (Gold member 1876/0001/G)

£100    - Stuart McPherson            (Gold member 1876/0057/G)

£100    - Paul Thomson                 (Gold member 1876/0053/G)

£50      - R Cavanagh             (Cameronian Club Bronze member 1876/0106/B)

£50      - D. Guidi                            (Old Lotto Bronze member 1876/0373/B)

£50      - David Beattie                   (Gold member 1876/0068/G)

£25      - Bryan Robison                 (Players Fund Gold member 1876/0021/G)

£25      - Peter Murray                    (Players Fund Gold member 1876/0020/G)

£25      - Jamie Lillie                      (Players Fund Gold member 1876/0091/G)

£25      - Donald McBain                (Old Lotto Bronze member 1876/0238/B)

£20      - Randle Wilson                  (Gold member 1876/0041/G)

£20      - A McCoid                  (Cameronian Club Bronze member 1876/0129/B)

£20      - Roddy Wilson                   (Players Fund Gold member 1876/0090/G))

£20      - George Furze                    (Aitken Suite Bronze member 1876/0319/B)

£20      - Patsy Bennett                    ; (Victoria Bar Bronze Member 1876/0055/B)

Table for 4 at Hospitality at a Partick Thistle home League game :         

Neil Roden       (Players Fund Gold member 1876/0098/G)

Table for 2 at Hospitality at a Partick Thistle home League game :

Alice Black       (Victoria Bar Bronze member 1876/0056/B)

Signed Partick Thistle Shirt :

David Stevenson           (Silver member 1876/0066/S)

Signed Partick Thistle Footballs :

James Reside        (Silver member 1876/0009/S)

Fiona McMurdie      (John Smith Gold Member 1876/0075/G)

Matthew Curry        (Players Fund Gold member 1876/0014/G)

David Beattie         (Gold member 1876/0068/G)

G Bate                   (Cameronian Club Bronze member 1876/0100/B)

Andy Malcolm         (1876 Club Gold member 1876/0082/G)

Gerald McDonagh    (Bronze member 1876/0022/B)

Donald McLean        (John Smith Bronze member 1876/0042/B)

Irvine Reid             (Silver member 1876/0069/S)

John Alexander       (Victoria Bar Bronze member 1876/0054/B)

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