Show Your Colours With Pride

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On Saturday we have a massive game against our old rivals the Bully Wee - we are three points off the top and everyone at Firhill is looking forward to a great victory to ramp up the pressure on Saint Johnstone.

fans with scarves

As its a traditional derby match we want to bring back a tradition which has gone by the wayside, bring out your scarves - that's right the good old Football Scarf.

Get up into the Attic, under the bed or at the back of the sock drawer, get the Jags Scarves out and wear them with Pride.

Bring your scarves, flags, banners; Bring your kids, mates and even your Granny; Get everyone you know who supports the Red and Yellow along, and let's make this a real Derby Match.

On Saturday when the Team run out there will be no run out Music, instead as they line up we will play "Follow Thistle", if everyone could stand up and hold up their scarves and banners it will be a sight to behold, and let our "visitors" see what a real support looks and sounds like.

C'mon the Jags!

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