Morton - After Match Reaction 22/02/11

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Manager Ian McCall was a man of few words after this evening’s match with Morton and those that he did have didn’t exactly convey a happy picture.

“That was an absolutely awful game of football.”

The manager continued;

“I can only comment on the performance of my own team and we were awful tonight in what was brutal game of football. I certainly didn’t enjoy watching it. ”

“We were down at Cappielow, an old tradition football ground and there were only 1,200 people at the game. The whole experience was a very depressing one.”

The eventual outcome hinged on a penalty award, the second in two games for handball, that went against us. While Morton manager Allan Moore was certain that the award was correct the Thistle manager was less certain.

“I didn’t think it was a penalty kick. It was the kind of thing where if you had ten referees looking at it, five would give it and five wouldn’t. But look, we didn’t lose tonight because of that penalty. We lost because we gave a very poor performance.”

“I’m of the belief that we have the makings of a good team here and I’m trying to persuade the directors of that but on the evidence of tonight’s performance you have to wonder whether I might be wrong. The players need to bring a greater level of consistency to their performances. Take Chris Erskine purely as an example. Sometimes his performance makes you think that he could play at any level but then he goes out and produces a very ordinary performance. I don’t want to be too harsh on them as tonight was our first defeat in the league since early November but players like Chris Erskine, Iain Flannigan, Paul Cairney, Kris Doolan etc need to add more consistency to their performances.”

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