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Cowdenbeath v Partick Thistle – 26th February 2013

We knew that there would be twists and turns between now and the end of the season but few would have predicted the events of yesterday’s game at Cowdenbeath. Not least Alan Archibald who [link:HOME] spoke to not long after fog forced the game to be abandoned.
“When we turned up it was a great night for a game and then about kick-off time the fog started to come down. It’s disappointing in one way because it means another game for us which is a bit of a headache for us. At the same time though we were losing 2-1 at the time so we will take it.”
After stressing the importance of starting well it was frustrating for Alan to see Cowdenbeath start the game so well.
“We got caught a little cold at the start of the game. I stressed to the boys that with the wee pitch here it can be a bit of a lottery and you need to adjust to long balls and deal with that and we didn’t deal with it, it’s a simple as that and that’s how they scored.”
“We worked on long throws, we worked on corners. The boys were given jobs to do and it’s up to them to do those jobs and some of them didn’t. We didn’t defend well against long balls and we didn’t defend well against their two strikers which was a problem.”
Alan continued;
“The other side of the coin is that every time we went up the other end of the pitch we ended up getting a shot on target. We probably should have scored two or three but that’s what happens; you don’t take your chances and then it can be just one ball over the top that costs you. We lost the second goal from our own possession which was disappointing. We let the striker turn and then the next second they are crossing the ball in from our bye-line. Angry is an understatement to be honest.”
Alan was also able to give us his thoughts on the decision, or rather the timing, to abandon the match with the fog making visibility of the whole pitch impossible.
“I don’t think that it had changed too much from the first time that the referee called us over and that’s what Colin Cameron will be angry about. The fog didn’t really change and it was still really, really bad. If it’s called off at 1-1 that nobody really has any gripe. Even though we were losing when it was abandoned there was still plenty of time to play and who is to say that we wouldn’t have gone on and scored again.”
As Alan has already mentioned this abandonment only adds to what is becoming something of a fixture pileup.
“I don’t know when the game is going to be played but we are going to be in Fife a lot before the end of the season. I’ve no idea how it’s going to work now but if you want to win leagues then you’ve got to go into midweek games and win and you need to have the right attitude to do that.”

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