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Partick Thistle 1 Dundee 0

Thistle were in the midst of a 4- year spell in the Premier League, having come up in 1992 from the First Division. We were, however, destined to go back down again in 1996, which was a bitter blow to all of us with the club at heart. At the time of the featured match we finished 9th in the Premier League with Raith Rovers and Dundee taking the drop to what was known in those days as the First Division. The designation “Championship” was not yet in use. That would come late. I welcomed the change, because it seemed a bit silly to have a Premier Division and a First Divison, when strictly speaking those two words have the same meaning. Those of you who were all French scholars would recall that from your school days.

The all-important goal in the featured game was provided by Albert Craig, a deadly finisher, lethal in and around the opposing penalty-box. We had to wait a very long time for the deadlock to be broken. Albert not for the first time that season popped up with the winner after 69 minutes. Remarkably he scored 18 goals, mainly from a midfield position, during 1993/94. He was certainly a player who knew where the goal lay. To everyone’s relief, Thistle retained a fairly comfortable position in the League, finishing on the same 40-point mark as Kilmarnock and St Johnstone.

The team on that day was as follows: – Craig Nelson, Bobby Law, David Byrne, Gregg Watson, Willie Jamieson, Callum Milne, Ian Cameron, Albert Craig, Roddie Grant, Isaac English, Chic Chrnley. The substitutes were Bobby Barnes, Tommy Smith and Andy Murdoch. Bobby Barnes’ real name was David, but for some reason we all knew him as Bobby. There were some interesting names in the Dundee line-up, namely Jim Duffy, Ray Farningham, Neil Duffy(Junior), George Shaw, Gerry Britton and current manager Neil McCann.

Some changes to the rules had not yet been implemented 1) there were only two substitutes plus a goalkeeper allowed and 2) it was still only two points for a win, not three, although the new system was very close. Have these things been good for the game we all love so much? On balance, I think a high percentage of football fans have welcomed the changes. What do you think?

PS Interestingly the managers page was named Lambie’s Dookit

Robert R

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