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Blast from the past – Celtic

Scottish Premier Division

8th October 1977

Partick Thistle 1 Celtic 0

In recent times we have found it well-night impossible to gain a victory over Celtic, but there was a time not so terribly long ago when we could from time to time get the better of our Parkhead rivals and I have great pleasure in recalling just such an occasion. Older readers will enjoy the memory, while the younger brigade can only imagine what is must have been like to see thousands dejected as they started the journey back to the four corners of Scotland, not to mention England and of course the Emerald Isle, Ireland. The man who caused such widespread misery was the lion-hearted ace goalscorer Dougie Somner. Sadly, Thistle didn’t manage to hold onto him, as he moved to St Mirren, not, however, before he had inspired us all with 101 goals, each of which was very welcome, even if on the occasion of the featured match, he kept us waiting until the 61st minute to notch the only goal of the game.

The full Thistle team was as follows:- Alan Rough, George Mackie, Brian Whittaker, John Marr, Andy Anderson, Jackie Campbell, Bobby Houston, Dougie Somner, Jim Melrose, Ian Gibson, John Craig.

It is sad to reflect that two members of the team are no longer with us – Brian Whittaker and John Craig, whose lives were tragically cut short.

The Celtic team included Ronnie Glavin and Joe Craig. I don’t know if I am unusual in this respect but I really don’t like it when former favourites of mine return wearing the opposition’s colours. I know it’s an integral part of the football scene and one is quite simply obliged to accept it. On the subject of Ronnie Glavin, I was speaking to him at David McParland’s funeral. I hadn’t seen him for quite some time, with his having been away at Barnsley and over in Portugal.

Interestingly, in season 1977-78 when the highlighted match took place, Celtic finished the campaign in 5th place, with Thistle 7th, a mere three points adrift. What can one say to that? Or to the fact that the match programme cost 10p?

Inside the programme is a paragraph indicating that the Milton Branch of the Thistle Supporters’ Association would be funning a buys to Anfield in Liverpool for Scotland’s World Cup Qualifying match against Wales. It was a great save that our ensured our passage to Argentina and who made it? – Alan Rough, of course. O.K., it was an ill-fated trip, but never mind.

Robert R

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