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Club Board Update – 15th November 2023

The PTFC Trustees have recently presented proposals to us for a new Club-Trust Agreement. The proposals are based on extensive research, led by The Jags Foundation, into best practice at other Football Clubs across the UK.

This agreement will address the long-term relationship between the Club Board and the fan ownership vehicle, to ensure that fans are properly consulted on key decisions, including future investment proposals. Crucially, it will also address the question of future Club Board appointments, which will see a blend of skills-based appointments and a guarantee of two democratically elected fan representatives.

The detail on this is being worked through, and the Club is also working on a Corporate Governance Manual to embed best practice. Once the proposals have been fully worked through, we understand that the PTFC Trust will revert to the beneficiaries to gather feedback on the proposals.

We are confident these changes will make a positive impact on Partick Thistle feeling fan-owned to every supporter.

We are grateful for the considerable efforts of time put in already by the Trustees to get us into a better place on this. The Club would also like to reiterate its gratitude to The Jags Foundation for the fundraising efforts it has spearheaded in recent months, as well as the considerable work behind the scenes supporting the Club through this transitional phase.

The fans have truly stepped up this season to do their bit, with the combined fan fundraising of both TJF and Centenary Fund delivering four times as much towards the Club budget compared with last year.

Between the fundraising, and the governance issues, it feels there is very much a unified team working together between the club board, the trustees and TJF.  We look forward to this continuing for the greater good of the club.

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