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Kingsley blog: Keeping Maryhill looking wonderful with McDonalds Maryhill

Hi pals! How are you? You’ll never guess what I’ve been up? Keeping Maryhill clean that’s what. Some naughty so-and-sos have been dropping their litter and making our Maryhill look a bit untidy, so me and 18 of my pals from Safety Community Glasgow, Clean Up Scotland and McDonald’s all spent the afternoon picking up litter in Maryhill and along the canal.

At Thistle we always try and help the local community when and however we can, so when I was asked to come along to be part of this annual outing, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

Hopefully people will think next time before chucking rubbish on the ground as I think we can all agree that Maryhill is the most WONDERFUL place in Glasgow and shouldn’t be ruined by empty bags of crisps or the odd can.

Here are some of the photos of me and the other volunteers who gave up their time to clean up!

That’s all for now, but you can keep tabs on me and what I’m up to now the season has ended on my Facebook and Twitter. 

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