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Message to the Partick Thistle Family

The last four months have been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us who are part of the Partick Thistle family. No one expected a pandemic on the scale that hit the country in March. It’s been difficult at times to feel that football was important in the face of so much loss.

But we could not ignore what was happening. Relegation isn’t just about what league you play in. It’s about everyone who plays for us, the staff who work at the club, our partners and sponsors, volunteers and, most importantly, our fans. With a 144-year history, we had a responsibility to ensure that if there was a chance to overturn an unfair situation, we had to do all we could.

At every turn, we tried our best to get involved positively to ensure that no club would be left worse off as a result of an early end to the season. We tried to find a way through by making our views clear but decently and respectfully. Having exhausted every avenue, when we were presented with the opportunity to join with Hearts to fight this injustice, at no cost to the club, we took it. But it was not to be.

So we draw a line, we have taken the fight to its conclusion. Our sole focus and our energy is now on the season ahead. Our key word for the year ahead is “success” not “survival”. The Board has already approved a financially responsible and balanced budget for season 2020/21 that gives the manager what he asked for to achieve everyone’s desire for an immediate return to the Championship. The fightback has started.

But I ask everyone associated with Thistle to never forget today. To never forget how it feels to be relegated unfairly. To never forget that there are many good decent people and clubs in Scotland who stood with us, publicly and privately – but there are some whose fear and self-interest got in the way of doing the right thing.

The Board, CEO and I are grateful for the unwavering support as we have navigated our way through this crisis. This is now a defining moment in our history, it’s time to stand together and make season 2020/21 a winning one regardless of what the rest of football says or does.

We have every right to be angry. So let’s use that anger as the fuel that drives our campaign in 2020/21. This is now about Thistle, no one else. Our fate and our success once again lies in our own hands and our hands only.


Jacqui Low, Chairman, Partick Thistle FC.

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