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Special edition programme available online

Yesterday’s special edition matchday programme was a huge hit with Jags fans throughout Firhill as it paid tribute to Kris Doolan and his remarkable achievement of scoring 101 competitive Partick Thistle goals.

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on a copy, then don’t worry we still have copies available to purchase online.

In our special eight page supplement dedicated to Kris’s feat of 101 goals we had tributes from Jags fans across the world. Unfortunately we received too many to include in the matchday programme, but they are all written below.

If you would like your tribute to Dools added, you can still email the club on   

I’ve known Kris for a lot of years now and a more consummate professional you could not wish to meet.  Getting 100 goals for Thistle is an absolutely wonderful achievement and everyone at the club is quite rightly incredibly proud of everything that Dools has done since joining the club under Ian McCall.

On and off the pitch Kris is the perfect role model, both to supporters and to our younger players. His consistency has gone a long way towards keeping us in this league and his goals were vital for us getting promoted in the first place. For my part as chairman of the club and on behalf of all of the directors, I would just like to say congratulations Kris, it’s nothing less than you deserve. Here’s to the next 100 goals.

David Beattie

Got to be that challenge cup final tap In at the back post after aero missing the penalty and getting a red it looked over, never went so crazy thus far in my life as I did when Doolan bundled that ball home, or could easily throw in that 4 goal master class against accies too! –

Cameron White

My favourite Dools goal was his solo run from halfway at Easter Road. From behind the goal we could just see him getting closer and closer. The anticipation was incredible and when he dinked it over the keeper it was pure elation. What a moment!

Colin McLennan

01/05/2010. Last game of the season. Meaningless 1-0 victory against Queen of the South. 90th minute winner, last kick of the ball, absolute belter from just inside the box, curled perfectly into the top corner. At the player of the year event afterwards I congratulated Kris on his strike and he bought me a bottle of Budweiser. Absolute gentleman.

Steven Murphy

I’ll always remember Kris Doolan’s first season. I gave him his MOTM bottle of bubbly in one of his first games and knew then that he would become a great. It’s been an absolute joy watching him in a Thistle shirt and it really has been a match made in heaven.

Without a doubt my all time favourite Jags player since attending games since the 90’s.

Eddie Goodbrand

Mr Thistle❤💛 #aprildoolsday

Rebecca Winton

What’s my favourite Doolan goal? Easy. The incredible last minute equaliser in the last seconds of extra time in the challenge cup final.

My daughter had never been to a game as she was too young but when the final came up, I knew it should be her first.

We watched Dools warm up as a sub and he looked unbelievably cool. He was smiling, waving to fans and doing his usual leg sweeping warm up. I even saw him giving a wee boy an autograph.

When all looked lost in a dire game, in came Forbes’ cross and in comes Kris like a ghost at the back post.

We all lost our minds for a minute and went mad – grabbing people we’d never seen before or since. My daughter’s hat pinged off in the madness.

A group of celebrating supporters had bumped over an advert on the trackside in the melee but the players ran away to restart the game.

And this was the moment that convinced me that Dools was a hero, a gentleman and a legend.

He’d waited patiently on the sidelines, he’d bided his time waiting for his chance and then once he’d slotted it home, the referee chased him down to book him! To this day, I still can’t see why he was shown a card. Maybe he’d loosened the screws on that board when he’d been warming up.

What was Dools’ reaction to this crazy caution? Did he complain? Go mad? Point and shout at the referee?

No, he slightly shook his head, smiled and got ready for kick off knowing that more goals lay ahead. Always worth watching on YouTube with the usual Gaelic commentary!

Barry and Eve McKenna

When the Ramsden cup was doing its rounds we meet Kris lawless and ODonnell in Partick  there was a quiz to be mascot for the cup game and Dools kindly helped my son answer and be ran out with Aaron Muirhead on the day. Fantastic day. Dools you are a proper gent a thistle man through and through here’s to the next 100

Alison and Alex Melrose


Is the perfect gentleman both on and off the park. His ‎rise has been fantastic to watch, his goals a pleasure and reward for all of his hard work. I’m only glad I’ve been around to see history been made. Although I did watch David McParland play it was at the end if his career and I was young, didn’t really appreciate what he achieved. But I certainly do for Kris. A true Thistle legend who will always be remembered alongside, Roughie,Hansen etc.

Mon the Jags

John McNeill

Cheers Dools, can you now score a winner at ibrox ! Thanks, ta !

Alan Hill

My favourite Doolan goal was his hat trick goal v Hamilton Accies in January 2015. It was a cheeky back heel which typified his ability to do the right thing at the right time. However my favourite moment which truly typified the type of person he is happened at a pre season game against Blyth Spartans. I had arrived early and was wandering around the ground with my wife when Dools, who was out warming up early, took the time to wave over and smile. He was acknowledging his appreciation of the support he gets in his usual humble style. A true legend.

Ian Anderson

I was a ball boy for years up until the second season we’d been in the premier league. I remember the season we went up Doolan scored the winner late on in one of the games right in front of where I was sitting. He ran straight to me and grabbed me and got the whole team to celebrate with me. Was the best feeling in the world. Absolute legend of a man ❤💛

Cameron Gray

My favourite goal out of the 101 to date is the back heel against Accies in January 2015 just for the sheer cheek of it.Thanks for all the goals Kris and here’s to the next 99.

Martin Towers

As a Thistle fan of 40 years now, I have modified my expectations of any player. Kris Doolan is the shining exception however. He plays the way any fan would love one of our own to do so. Always with humility, honesty, desire and a killer touch in front of goal. It has been such a pleasure to see him grow year on year into the role model and lynchpin he is. First day of 2015/2016 season, Frans sent off and down to 10 men after 20 minutes; Dools gave the most selfless, tireless performance sacrificing everything for the team. He is a legend and we love for him the player and man he is. Here’s to many many more.

Scott Grant

The backheel against Hamilton while on route to four goals in one match. Moments like that are a joy that lasts forever and make us proud to have such a great professional at our club. In Doolan We Trust!!!

Tommy Healy

Too many memories to count…but I was thinking the picture used to advertise this competition would look great up in the Jackie Husband! In terms of top goals, has to be the wonder goal at Easter Road.

Stephen Canning

Hope there’s (at least) 100 more!

Rachel Collins-Lister

Kris’s goal at Easter Rd was the best in my opinion – he gathered the ball on the centre line at the touchline and he ran towards goal being chased by Hibs defenders before placing the ball in the corner of the net. Unfortunately, Hibs equalised in the last minute. Hibs were struggling under Terry Butcher at the time and my fear is that they would try to get Kris to move to Easter Road. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. He is the fan’s favourite because he just wants the ball all the time – 100% effort.

Bob Ballantyne

Wow! This man never ceases to amaze me. One of the best pros I ever worked with. If you could bottle up his professionalism and sell it, you’d make a fortune. I look forward to the next 100 goals. Congratulations Dools.

Kenny Crichton

Having been a Jags fan for only 4 years, I’m not lucky enough to have witnessed all of Kris Doolan’s goals. It was, however, amazing to see his 100th firsthand and feel the pure adoration the fans have for this true ambassador of the sport. –

Ingrid Fox-Fyfe

Partick Thistle 5- 0 Hamilton Aca. 21 January 2015

Kris Doolan scored four goals with the head, left and right foot and a back heeler all in 23 minutes against Hamilton on 21 January 2015.

The BBC said “The striker produced a fine display in front of goal, including an exquisite finish with a deft back heel.”

It didn’t matter that the first might have been offside and could have gone in from Ryan Stevenson if he hadn’t made sure- it was simply the best display of striking in 50 years by a jags player. –

Foster Evans


Congrats on achieving not only 100 goals but also legendary status forever and ever at the best team in Scotland, the Harry Wraggs, Partick Thistle.

To see your goals from the comfort of my appartment in Doha thanks to the Jagzone has been special.

Dooooooooolan, Dooooooooolan has resonated many times across in West Bay City Centre Doha.

Andy Bowers Expat Jag Qatar 

Older generations of our support quite rightly talk about the greats like McQuade, Rough, Hanson, Johnston, Charney etc. All I’ll say is, you’re right up there with them and more.

If ever I need someone to score a goal to save my life, you’re always the man, Kris.

I never thought I’d see a Thistle player reach 100 goals. It’s been a pleasure and privilege watching you over the years.

You’re a true Jags hero and legend.

Let’s keep the memories flowing.

Mon the Jags!

Ross Calder

Ly big man

Ronnie MacKay

Kris Doolan – Thistle Legend, thanks for 101 magical moments.

Stewart Murray

My Favourite Kris Doolan goal was against Queen of the South in end of season 1 st Division game in the sunshine.

Nothing was happening and the game was just about finished when bang out of nowhere Kris hit a fantastic shot from outside the box that screamed into the top corner for the winner.

It lifted the gloom inside of Firhill that afternoon.

Little did we know we were witnessing the greatest ever Partick Thistle goal scorer in my lifetime and most likely ever.

Norman Lawson

Kris Doolan making it 3-0 vs Dumbarton March 9th 2013 it was my first ever thistle game and first ever time seeing Dools score.

Jamie McDonald 

To Special K,

Supporters talk endlessly about 30 yard screamers but I will cherish, until my dying breath, your 4 goals against Hamilton Accies.

I couldn’t comprehend it at first when your outrageous back-heeler nestled in the back of the net. The penny really only dropped as I cast my eyes over the bedlam unfolding in the seats in front of me. Arms, bunnets and specs flew all over the Jackie Husband Stand. The look of disbelief on faces then wonderment and finally laughter enveloped my fellow Jags. Totally, totally crazy.

And perhaps this is just an inkling of how you felt yourself when you reached that precious milestone and scored your 100th goal. Your thoughts probably turned immediately to your own family, your team mates and then absent friends. Finally, as you gazed up into the stands and watched the madness unfold, you were satisfied. You understand that all the pain and heartbreak are worth it when the ball crosses the line.

Thank you,

Karin Grant-Allan.

Two seasons ago vs Hamilton- his 4 goals,left foot,right foot,header and back heel must be the best seen ever at firhill

 James Steele

After 101 goals it is always difficult to pick just one as so many have been so important.

Surprisingly it’s not a winning goal that was my favourite to date.

September 2012 another game at Kirkcaldy where Raith had stuck in a few really robust! challenges with an understanding ref!

Kris on as a sub and equalises in front of our support 3 minutes into injury time.

There is always something special with a late important goal right in front of the away support.

One of many great goals that a fantastic servant to the Jags has scored and still with many to come.

Douglas McCrea

I would just like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to my wee brother Kris, we are so very proud of you and your achievements at Partick Thistle – you are truly amazing! Huge thank you aswell to all at Thistle for there continued support over the years! #thistlefamily

Kelly Doolan


Having been a Jags fan for 70 years, I have many memories of great players, characters and goals.

Kris Doolan is right up there with the best of them. An excellent professional, hard working player and a great role model for youngsters coming through.

The best memory he has given me? It must be the back heel goal against Hamilton Accies in January 2015. Mind blowing skill and quick thinking! And even at my advanced age, I was up on my feet cheering a great player and goal!

Kris, congratulations on achieving 100 goals (plus), and thank you for your contribution to the history of the Jags!

Andrew Rennie

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