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Jacqui Low, Partick Thistle’s new Chairman, has laid out the way ahead for the Club in the coming season saying:

“For me, my appointment as Chairman is a very proud moment, professionally and personally. To go from the wee girl who watched Scotsport with her dad to chairing a club of Thistle’s history and pedigree is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I am grateful to my Board colleagues for the unanimous vote to appoint me and I will not disappoint them.

“Working with manager Alan Archibald and Chief Executive Gerry Britton, I believe we are a formidable leadership group. It’s a time of positive change at Firhill and I am pleased to lead a Board that has the vision, strategy, focus and determination to deliver success, with the skills to actively support that ambition. It will be for me to ensure that everyone’s efforts are directed to the job in hand – promotion – and that we don’t get distracted from that objective as the season progresses.

“Across the Club, despite a tough few weeks, there is a very welcome renewed spirit that comes from having common purpose at every level. That common purpose is thanks to a belief in what we can achieve as a team, on and off the pitch, if we get back to being the Thistle that had a hunger and drive to succeed.

“In the coming year, in parallel to what’s happening on the pitch, I want the Board to use the time in the Championship to look at everything the Club does with a view to improving it. Nothing will be off limits for consideration. That work started the day after relegation and continues at pace under the direction of Gerry Britton.

“That scrutiny includes looking at our relationship with fans, who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We need to stop talking about improving things for them and just do it. I can’t promise to always get it right, that we will be able to do everything all at once or that fans will agree with every decision of the Board. But we will strive to do our best as we recognise that our fans will be a key part of our success going forward and we know that improved communication will be crucial to that.

“Finally, thanks for all the support for the Club in recent weeks, not only from our fans but from people who just admire Thistle and what we stand for. So many have shown faith and belief in us, we will not let you down. We are Thistle.”

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