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In the absence of football indefinitely, Partick Thistle FC is pledging to do everything it can to look after its full family of supporters and make sure no fan feels isolated in the tough times ahead.

To reflect this commitment from the board, staff, management and players of the club, Partick Thistle Football Club today becomes Partick Thistle Family Club and will strive to ensure the full Thistle family is looked after. An updated club crest will be used to promote the message to all fans until football returns – this badge belongs to us all and is free for fans to use and share and to know and show that we are all part of the Thistle family.

This commitment means everyone at the club doing everything they can to keep fans connected, in as positive a mindset as possible and protected against ‘isolation’. In practical terms the club will strive to look after the full Thistle family in ways such as staying in touch, making direct calls to elderly supporters, offering more entertainment through watching past games, increasing online engagement, providing community information, bringing players closer to the fans, delivering fun activities, providing keep fit tips and more.

In short, the very clear and important message is that Partick Thistle will be there for its full family of supporters throughout these challenging times – and EVERY Jags fan is a member of that family.

Thistle chairman Jacqui Low, speaking on behalf of the PTFC Board, said: “It’s hard to find the words to do justice to the potential impact of this crisis. However, nothing is more important than people’s health and wellbeing. Nothing is more important than the welfare of our supporters.

“Isolation is a troubling word – we don’t want any fan to suffer and feel socially disconnected. So our message to our family of supporters is clear: your football club is your family and we will be there for you.”

Jags chief executive Gerry Britton, speaking on behalf of all Firhill staff, continued: “Partick Thistle has always been a family club but never before has that sense of family been so important.

“Football clubs have a unique place in their communities and have proven time and again to be a force for good – not just Thistle, but all the great football clubs across the country. Given what we are facing, that positive force can help make a small but very important difference to people’s mindsets. Everyone at Firhill will give everything we have to those supporters worried about what lies ahead.”

Thistle manager Ian McCall, speaking for management and players across all levels, said: “It was a special pull which brought me back to Firhill and it’s a special feeling that all supporters have for our club.

“Our fans have been there for us through thick and thin. Now they need their club more than ever – especially those vulnerable, elderly, most worried or living alone. I am united with everyone else at the club in saying that we will be doing everything in our power to help the entire Thistle family and make sure we all get through this together.”

More details and information will be provided to the Thistle family in the coming days and weeks. Fans should follow the club’s social channels and visit the website for regular updates – the club will seek ways to support anyone isolated and for whom online access is a particular challenge.

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