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Statement from the Partick Thistle board of directors

“The current board of directors have honoured the playing squad budget signed off by the previous board, a major proportion of which was already committed when the new directors were appointed. However, the budget did run at a significant deficit which could not be recouped from the club’s recurring income.  This shortfall has been partly covered by the fees to be received following the sale of Aidan Fitzpatrick and the sell on percentage which the club will receive as a result of Liam Lindsay’s transfer from Barnsley to Stoke. The remainder of the deficit will be funded by adjusting aspects of our logistical operations, not by reducing the funds available for the playing budget.

“The current playing budget available to the manager is likely to be around the third or fourth highest in the league. As a result of these factors we are able to fully support the manager’s aspirations to challenge at the top of the Championship this season. Any suggestions that the ultimate target is anything other than promotion are false.

“The current board strongly refutes any suggestion that £200,000 has been removed from the playing budget, as the figure available to the Manager remains as it was under the previous board.”

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