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Unacceptable conduct at the Wyre Stadium at Firhill and Away Stadia

Under SPFL rules, and in an effort to promote an entertaining and family atmosphere at all Partick Thistle FC matches, please be reminded that unacceptable conduct whilst at any Partick Thistle match – from home or away supporters – will not be tolerated.

Partick Thistle accepts a duty of care in respect of ground safety, behaviour at matches and damage to stadia to ensure that our players, officials, supporters and any other person exercising a function for, or connected with, the Club does not engage in unacceptable conduct at a stadium on the occasion of an official match. This includes all home and away matches played by the Club.

Unacceptable conduct covers conduct which is violent and/or disorderly and includes:

  • Any sort of sectarian, religious, bigoted, homophobic, racist or sexist behaviour
  • Aggressiveness or violent behaviour, including damage to the ground
  • Drunkenness
  • Threatening and/or abusive

The safety team at Partick Thistle works very closely with Police Scotland and the regulatory authorities to ensure that safety and security is never subject to compromise and that fans receive the highest level of service in this regard.

Any individual who participates in unacceptable conduct at home or away matches will be ejected and/or arrested. Partick Thistle reserves the right to take further sanctions, including exclusion from the stadium, for a period of time or permanently. Police Scotland will also pursue Football Banning Orders.

Police Scotland and all SPFL clubs have a disclosure policy whereby details of “away” fans involved in unacceptable conduct will be passed to their home club.

Flags/Banner Policy
Large Flags/banners are allowed provided they are accompanied by a certificate from the manufacturer confirming they are made of fire retardant material. They will be subject to examination prior to entry to ensure that the flags or banners do not depict anything offensive.

Flags/banners can be draped over vacant seats at the discretion of the match day security team, however banner/flag surfing is not permitted. Also banners cannot be draped over and obscure advertising hoardings

Flags on poles – small flags on wooden canes are permitted. Please note that metal telescopic flag poles are not permitted.

Musical Instruments
Musical instruments will be permitted on the following conditions:

1. They will be searched prior to entry to the stadium;
2. They must not be used to encourage or accompany any singing or chanting that is deemed to be unacceptable. (This includes anything of a racist, sectarian or personal nature against a player, manager, director, match official etc.) Please remember that the Wyre Stadium at Firhill is a family orientated stadium and anything that is against public/family decency will not be tolerated.
3. If fellow fans in the vicinity of the instruments complain about the noise, then stewards will request that the instruments are not played. If the person playing the instrument refuses to stop, then he/she may be ejected from the stadium.

The use of pyrotechnics (smoke flares and noise percussion) is an unwanted feature at football grounds. Please note discharging such items is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury and crowd panic. Partick Thistle, in conjunction with Police Scotland, have a zero tolerance approach to the use of pyrotechnics and offenders will be ejected and banned from attending Thistle matches for life. They may also be subject to criminal proceedings and banned from football stadia.

Pitch Incursions
Any person who encroaches onto the field of play or pitch side track, for whatever reason, may be subject to arrest by police and also banned from the Stadium.

In order to ensure the full enjoyment and safety of our supporters, Partick Thistle welcomes any feedback or comments on the safety and security operation at the Wyre Stadium at Firhill. Please contact the safety team direct via  . This facility can also be used to make any complaints or positive comments to improve fans’ experiences at the Wyre Stadium at Firhill.

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