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Next meeting date: TBA.

In February 2016, the Club announced details of the new Partick Thistle Football Club Trust (PTFC Trust). With a holding of 19.28%, the PTFC Trust is the single biggest shareholder in the club.

Not to be confused with the PT Charitable Trust (which is an independent charity carrying the Club’s brand), PTFC Trust exists for “the purpose of holding shares” that were gifted to fans as part of the deal that saw the Club become debt-free.

Its aim is to provide Jags supporters, via fans-appointed representatives on the PTFC Trust’s Board, an opportunity to have a greater say in the running of the Club and “to safeguard the long term benefit and integrity of the association football club operated by the Company, while promoting its growth and financial wellbeing.”

The initial Trustees are Greig Brown, PTFC Director, appointed for two years; Jacqui Low, PTFC Director, and Pauline Graham, fans’ representative, all appointed for three years and Foster Evans, fans’ representative, appointed for four years and also appointed Chairman. These terms have been staggered to allow continuity rather than have all up for election at the same time. Numbers of Trustees are not set in stone and, if required, can be added to.

In the PTFC Trust deeds, the beneficiaries of the Trust are the supporters, or more specifically, any person aged 18 or over who holds a season ticket to watch the home fixtures for the current season. He or she must have held such a season ticket for each of the three immediately preceding seasons.

However, the PTFC Trust will engage with all supporters and fans, not just those defined as shareholders in the deeds, in a way described by Chairman Foster Evans as “a dialogue open to all”.

As the new PTFC Trust will now be the primary vehicle for fan engagement going forward, it supersedes the Supporters’ Federation. As this Trust is a formal body, with a legal constitution, it places an accountability on the Trustees that wasn’t previously present.

If you have any questions or suggestions and can’t wait until the next PTFC Trust meeting, please email  

Important PTFC Trust documents

Trust Deed

Deed of Variation of Trust Deed – 2019

Deed of Variation of Trust Deed – 2021

Deed of Variation

Deed of Assumption and Conveyance relating to the Partick Thistle Football Club Trust

PTFC Trust minutes:

PTFC Trust meeting – 10th August 2019

PTFC Trust meeting – 4th December 2018

PTFC Trust meeting – 29th July 2018 (minutes)

PTFC Trust meeting – 29th July 2018 (presentation)

PTFC Trust meeting – 10th March 2018 (minutes)

PTFC Trust meeting – 10th March 2018 (presentation)

PTFC Trust meeting – 2nd December 2017

PTFC Trust meeting – 28th October 2017

PTFC Trust meeting – 18th February 2017

PTFC Trust meeting – 15th November 2016

PTFC Trust meeting – 18th May 2016


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